Trend Alert: Gorgeous Grey Prams

Over the past few months, one trend it has been impossible to miss has been the growing popularity of gorgeous grey prams. Whether you’re looking for a 3IN1 travel system or a new buggy, grey has definitely become the new black, with almost every brand embracing the trend and releasing new prams in a variety of grey shades.

Today, we’re rounding up a few of our favourite grey prams from four fantastic brands – Silver Cross, Nana Kinderwagen, Venicci and Babystyle.



Let us know – have you got on board with the grey pram trend? We think it makes such a lovely change from black or white, and it’s still neutral enough that any colour of liner or footmuff will look lovely in it. To find out more about each of these prams on our website, click the links below!

Silver Cross: Special Edition Eton Grey Pioneer | Sleepover Cadet Grey

BabyStyle: Prestige Dove | Oyster 2 Silver Mist

Venicci: 3IN1 Denim Grey | Pure 3IN1

Nana: Florence Mysterious Grey | Neo Silver Hearts

The Jilly’s Online Team 🙂

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